Apple x Caran D'Ache

When the magic of the digital world meets timeless tradition.
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This was a personal project I worked on because I'm a big fan of Caran D'Ache (being an avid user myself). Here are some questions I asked myself in making this cross-brand collaboration between Apple and Caran D'Ache. 1. How can we bring the world of both the digital and traditional together without making it seem like they are conflict with each other? 2. How can I honor the legacy of traditional tools and not lose the core creative demographic that uses the Apple Pencil? The concept of Ying Yang Pencils was used to make it feel like both tools are hugging each other. I used a scarlet red color for the final render of the Caran D'Ache Apple Pencil. This was fully modeled in Blender and painted in Substance Painter.


This concept was created to honor the legacy of Caran D'Ache merging the traditional with the digital world. A vertical format 3d high fidelity render of the pencils sitting across from each other as if they were hugging. Both the traditional and the modern come together forming the Caran D'Ache version of the Apple Pencil. This allows artists to connect with a 100-year-old heritage brand with the contemporary and minimalist aesthetic of the Apple branding.


Create mood boards and 3d renders of the Apple Pencil honoring the traditional and the modern. Two pencils (traditional graphite and the modern Apple Pencil) face each other. The visuals showcase the integration of the modern and traditional together seamlessly.


A full-scale collaboration between Apple and Caran d’Ache would result in a range of high-end, luxury products that blend the technological innovation of Apple with the artistic and craftsmanship heritage of Caran d’Ache. There are potential ideas for what this collaboration might produce: Apple Pencil Special Edition: Materials: Incorporate premium materials such as Caran d’Ache’s famous precious metals, wood, and lacquers. Design: Elegant design enhancements, possibly featuring intricate engravings or bespoke color options inspired by Caran d’Ache’s iconic palettes. Functionality: Enhanced precision and sensitivity suited to professional artists and designers. Luxury Stationery and Accessories: Notebooks and Cases: High-quality notebooks and protective cases for iPads and MacBooks made with Caran d’Ache’s signature materials and craftsmanship. Stylus and Pen Sets: Exclusive sets that combine traditional Caran d’Ache writing instruments with Apple’s digital styluses, seamlessly blending analog and digital creativity. Custom MacBook and iPad Finishes: Limited Editions: Custom finishes for MacBooks and iPads that reflect Caran d’Ache’s aesthetic, such as unique engravings or luxury coatings. Packaging: Premium packaging that reflects the luxury and artistic heritage of Caran d’Ache. Exclusive Art Supplies Integration: Digital Brushes and Tools: Creating digital brushes and tools within Apple’s software that mimic the look and feel of Caran d’Ache’s traditional art supplies. Color Palettes: Pre-installed color palettes in digital drawing and painting apps that are inspired by Caran d’Ache’s famous hues. Artistic Experiences and Exhibitions: Exhibitions: Host joint exhibitions showcasing the blend of technology and traditional art, featuring works created with collaborative tools. Experience Centers: Creating creative spaces in major cities where users can try out the products and participate in interactive art sessions. Corporate and Educational Partnerships: Education Programs: Programs for schools and universities that provide tools and resources to inspire the next generation of artists and designers. Corporate Gifts: High-end corporate gift sets combining Apple and Caran d’Ache products, ideal for executive gifting.
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