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Creative Direction
Curtis Doss (Produced by Kevin Volz)
Web / Social / Ads


The NFL+ brand refresh had to be approached carefully and methodically so it would stay true to four generations of die-hard loyal fans and still be able to reach the new and younger Gen-Z demographic. The streaming space is crowded and competitors like ESPN+ are taking the lead in this space. It was important to take a look at all the brands in the space and see how the NFL would stand out but still resonate with fans with a refreshed look. A refresh is generally more subtle and needs to retain the essence and spirit of the original visual identity. There were four levels to my strategy in this case and here are four questions I asked myself: Does the new brand point to something unique yet familiar? How can we communicate to 4 generations of loyal NFL fans that are interested in getting to know their favorite players and coaches behind the scenes? How can we modernize the brand but still retain the essence of grit, integrity, loyalty and sportsmanship that the NFL is known for? And finally - are there any ideas or visuals that have gone astray from the core brand strategy?


Blue and White Color Palette, minimal, bold, confident shapes that allow enough negative space for the photography of the players. Player cards showcasing dynamic and stylish typography with bold lettering.


Bring it all together with the same overall aesthetic of the NFL+ branding. Deliver 4 social ads of sizes 160x600, 300x250, 300x600, Tune-ins cards, Lower thirds, and Transitions cards with the same approved concept art.


Moodboards, Lower Thirds, Player cards, Motion identity (legacy to refreshed), Social and Paid Ads mockups
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